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Movie Mode – Laser System

IDES’ Movie Mode DTEM system combines a high energy arbitrary waveform laser (AWL) with a high speed deflector system to capture 16 frame movies at nanosecond time scales. The AWL is capable of distributing 3 joules of infrared pulse energy over a 150 microsecond window. This enables users to generate sequences of electron pulses from 20 nanosecond to 1 microsecond in duration, with arbitrary delays. Each laser pulse is frequency converted and directed to the cathode to produce an electron pulse. A fast, precisely timed deflector placed above the camera directs each electron pulse to a different region of the camera, thus allowing up to 16 images or diffraction patterns to be captured in as little as half a microsecond.

The Movie Mode Deflector and AWL are unified by a timing and control system that features a powerful and approachable software user interface. The software features 5 levels of user permissions with password protection, giving superusers and facility managers complete control over laser timing configurations while at the same time providing less-experienced operators the ability to carry out pre-configured experiments without ever needing to touch the laser. The flexibility and precision of IDES Movie Mode control system enables users to select the exact moments in a particular reaction they would like to observe with just a click of the mouse.


  • Generates multi-frame movies at nanosecond times scales
  • Adjustable pulse durations from 20ns to 1us
  • Adjustable pulse delays over a 150us window
  • Interframe deflection times of less than 25ns
  • User friendly software interface with pulse programming capabilities