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Relativity® wins a Microscopy Today 2018 Innovation Award

IDES’ Relativity® camera subframing system with compressive sensing has won a Microscopy Today Innovation Award at the 2018 Microscopy and Microanalysis conference in Baltimore. Relativity® allows users to obtain kHz frame rates using conventional TEM cameras, check back here soon for more news. 2018 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1551929518000779

Spectrally resolved photon-induced near-field electron microscopy

Exciting new work from Prof. Fabrizio Carbone’s lab: Currently, phonons and collective plasmon resonances can be imaged in nanostructures with sub-nm and 10s meV space/energy resolution using state-of-the-art energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (TEM), but only under static conditions, while fs-resolved measurements are common but lack spatial or energy resolution. Here, we demonstrate a new method...
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IDES at M&M 2017

IDES is pleased to sponsor the following events at the 2017 Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting: Pre-Meeting Congress: “Understanding Radiation Beam-Damage during Cryo-, ETEM, Gas- and Liquid-Cell Electron Microscopy.” Symposium A16: “In situ and operando Characterization of Material Processes in Liquids and Gases” And don’t forget to stop by our booth to say hello!
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WIRED: The Weird Quantum Behavior of Light, Captured in a Lab

Congratulations to Professor Carbone and his entire team as well as IDES’ CTO Bryan Reed on this exciting work! The Weird Quantum Behavior of Light, Captured in a Lab Nature Communications: doi:10.1038/ncomms7407 Also check out this youtube video that EPFL put together to explain the concept:    
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A Bright Idea for Microscopy

The LLNL DTEM Group is featured in Science & Technology Review in an article discussing some recent advances they’ve made with the technology. Link: https://str.llnl.gov/september-2013/campbell
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INRS acquires a groundbreaking advanced imaging infrastructure

INRS will soon be getting a Movie Mode DTEM Professor Federico Rosei, Director of the INRS Energy Materials Telecommunications Research Centre, will soon have access to a Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscope (DTEM). Unique in the world for its configuration, this equipment will fill a gap in dynamic materials imaging by simultaneously providing very high spatial...
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Visit IDES at the 2012 ARPA-E Energy Summit in Washington, DC

Startup Company Uses Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Technology to Compete in “America’s Next Top Energy Innovator” Americans Will Pick the Most Innovative Startup Companies Using Laboratory Inventions to Create New Businesses, Products WASHINGTON, D.C. – Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions, Inc., is using Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s technology to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy’s...
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