4670 Willow Rd #100
Pleasanton CA 94588

IDES product maintenance and custom integration services are offered, and delivered, with one clear goal in mind: Empower our customers. It is IDES’ pleasure to serve a base of highly capable and motivated customers, driven by a diverse set of research interests. It is IDES’ purpose to help our customers get the most utility out of the instruments, designs, and software we provide to them.

At IDES, we offer exceptional service plans for our products. Our extended service includes not only routine and preventive maintenance, but free upgrades to minor components and software, as well as significant discounts on major upgrades and retrofits. Many of IDES’ customers develop new techniques and perform incredibly challenging experiments using our instruments. Supporting these efforts is a cornerstone of our commitment to customer success. Our service team works extensively with users to develop custom experimental designs, custom software integration, automation of optical systems, and detailed instrument design and characterization. We’re here to provide helping hands and guidance for your most challenging experimental needs.