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Visionary – Alignment Camera

 Delivery of pulsed lasers into a TEM for DTEM and UTEM operation is a challenging process that requires precise alignment of micron scale focal spots over long distances and through narrow apertures. This process can involve hours of labor, dumping the vacuum of the microscope, and a lot of frustrating trial and error. Moreover, laser alignments are susceptible to drift over time and users often need to adjust or modify laser optics which can lead to complete misalignment of the crucial beam paths. IDES is pleased to introduce the Visionary AlignmentCam, a sample rod and electron gun mounted camera system that provides direct alignment and diagnostic capabilities for laser beams delivered to both the sample and cathode regions of a TEM. These tools allow users to collect data on laser spot size and position greatly reducing the difficulty associated with these challenging alignment tasks. Perhaps most importantly the Visionary AlignmentCam eliminates the need for the sacrificial samples typically used for drive laser alignment and provides unparalleled confidence in laser beam position, spot size and spatial profile at the sample, all without breaking vacuum.


  • Optically coupled sample rod for sample laser alignment
  • Electron gun mounted optical system for cathode laser alignment