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IDES is pleased to announce its acquisition by JEOL Ltd., a leading provider of electron microscopes. As a wholly owned subsidiary, IDES will continue to provide its customers with the most advanced time-resolved electron microscope imaging technologies. Please see the formal announcement:


JEOL Ltd. acquires

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Our Products

IDES offers a number of time resolved electron microscopy products and services. IDES’ Luminary Laser Port system enables your TEM to operate in pulsed electron modes to produce high resolution images of proteins, thin films, and nanostructures at unprecedented time scales. IDES’ Movie Mode laser system combines with Luminary to enable users to capture 16 frame movies of nanodynamics in less that a microsecond.

Our Services

Integrated Dynamic Electron Solutions, Inc. (IDES) is committed to advancing technology and science by enabling businesses and researchers to see the dynamics of nanomaterials at fast time scales and with high throughput. IDES’ products capture images at the ultrafast time scales that are essential to our understanding of many important nanomaterials, including proteins, drug encapsulation nanoparticles, catalyst nanoparticles, thin films, photonic waveguides, optical metamaterials and semiconductor devices. We believe that by illuminating the dynamics of the nanoscale, our products will drive technological and scientific progress across a host of markets and disciplines.